What is the Freeware DiffDaff?

DiffDaff is a free utility software that enables a direct comparison between two files, folders, or web sites and shows the differences line by line. The variations are classified as changes, deleted, non-existing, and identical content. The variations are also color marked. The DiffDaff tool enables parallel scrolling through the results, line numeration, and many other features that facilitate the work and simplify locating the differences.

  • File Compare (compare 2 files in text, html, xml and other formats)
  • Compare Folders (content comparison between two directories)
  • Compare Web Pages (compare HTML / XML files on the Internet)
  • Line by Line display
  • Differ between changes, deleted, non-existing, and identical content
  • Color highlighting of differences and identities
  • Synchronous scrolling
  • many more program options….

And the best part: The DiffDaff software is FREE! Download it here

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