Program Options

DiffDaff offers some options which you may use for better comparison.

In the main window you will find all of the available options. If you are not sure which ones to use, just check them out.

The available options depend on what you compare!

General Options

Here you can define how DiffDaff handles different things. Depending on the files you compare, you should try the different options. The results may be easier to read. Example: If the files have lots of empty lines but you want to see them in the results, activate “Keep Empty Lines”.

HTML Options

These options only make sense when you compare HTML/XML files or web pages. The “Line Break After Each Tag” makes it easy to compare files on a “tag by tag” basis. But if you just want to compare the content of the pages, you can also “Delete All HTML Tags” which makes the other option obsolete.

Output Option

By default, DiffDaff will create a single HTML file that will open in your default browser. If you choose “HTA” (Hypertext Application”), the result will open in full screen mode, so you have more space for comparing. Additionally, when you open the result as an HTML file, the integrated JavaScripts may be blocked by your browser (in Internet Explorer you may have to click on a bar at the top of the page to activate the scripts)! When you use HTA, they will not be blocked. HTA may not work correctly on Windows 2000 or older systems.

Now it is time to download DiffDaff and see for yourself!